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Our colloquium will start in Bucharest.

The conference is hosted by the aula of the Library of the Romanian Academy.

In Bucharest the participants will have the opportunity to visit the various museums.

A temporary exhibition presenting a selection of pieces from two famous and important collections of antiquities in Bucharest - the collection of dr. Severeanu and the collection of the National Museum for Antiquities - will be officially opened in May 2013. Thematicaly this exhibition is related to our colloquium and to the exhibitions in Alba Iulia and Constanta, all three sharing a common publication.

If the weather will allow it there is going to be organized an evening tour of Bucharest by open bus.

For additional information on particular monuments and places see http://en.seebucharest.ro/

On the map below are marked the locations of Hotel Minerva (A), the Library of the Romanian Academy  with the Auditorium (B) and the Bistro Jaristea (C), the location for the lunch break. All are in reachable distance.