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The colloquium will start in Bucharest and move on to Alba Iulia and Constanţa.

This will provide a wonderfull insight and, for some of the participants, a first contact to several regions of Romania and, more important, to main areas of the former Roman provinces: Dacia and Moesia inferior.

Details on the venues, modern cities and the itineraries will be posted on the dedicated pages.

During the colloquium we are going to visit:

-Sibiu, with Brukenthal Museum and the Roman lapidarium in the Altemberger House (the old city hall)

-Deva, with the Museum of Dacian and Roman Civilisation and the Roman lapidarium

-the Densus church, UNESCO monument, build with spoliated stone from the Roman buildings in the surrondings and from Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa

-Adamclisi and Tropaeum Traiani, with the museum built for the decoration of the monument

-Histria, one of the oldest Greek colonies in the western shore of the Black Sea, with archaeological site and museum.