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Since 1989 International Colloquia on Roman Provincial Art have been held every two years, each time in different city and different country. Romania is going to be for the first time the host of this scientific manifestation. The Colloquia focus on discussing issues related to Roman stone sculpture and diverse matters of provincial creative endeavour: correlation between content and form, conveying of models, identification of regional manufacturing centres, criteria for identifying depictions and defining chronology…   

Every year, the number of participating countries increases.  Colloquia cover most of the Roman provinces and include about twenty present-day countries.

Presentations and posters are to be given in one of the official languages of the Colloquium: mainly French, German and English. Other official languages are Italian and Spanish. Presentations are simultaneously translated to two languages (English and French).

Once the Colloquium is completed, collection of presented and discussed scientific papers is assembled so that it can be promoted at the next Colloquium in two years’ time. The Colloquia also include visitations to museum collections and archeological sites, field trips, exhibition openings and promotion of scientific publications, as well as other social events such as receptions and performances. Organizers anticipate three or four days of presentations, depending on the number of presentations reported, and two days of the field trip. In order to maintain the unique way of operating and exchanging information, efforts are made to avoid two or more sections being held simultaneously.

At the Scientific board meeting of the 12th International Colloquium on Roman Provincial Art, held in May 2010, in Pula (Croatia), the decision was made for the 13th Colloquium to be held in May 2013, in Romania.