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Proceedings of the 13th ICRPA


of the 13th International Colloquium on Roman Provincial Art


13th ICRPA Proceedings.pdf


Papers and poster presentations can be submitted for the proceedings of the 13th Colloquium on Roman Provincial Art which are going to be published in the series IMΛGINES – Studies on ancient arts and iconography after undergoing a peer-review process.


The deadline for submission is 15th of December 2013. In exceptional cases that require a postponed deadline the authors are kindly asked to inform the organiser.


The language can be English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

For the quality of translations are responsable the authors. The editors will be able to make only minimal observations but can not provide drastic improvment. In case this is considered necessary the author will be notifed accordingly.


Papers (.rtf format, Times New Roman 12 pt, 1.5 and justified text alignment) will be sent as an attachment or a zip-folder to colloquium13@gmail.com and as hard-copy to:

dr. Cristina-Georgeta Alexandrescu

Institutul de Arheologie Vasile Pârvan

str. Henri Coandă nr. 11

RO-010667 București 1.


The length of the contribution will not exceed 15 pages, including notes, bibliography and illustration.


The authors are asked to provide by submission of the text:

- affiliation and e-mail address;

- an abstract of 150 words in a different language as the one of the paper;

- eventually used special fonts.


The illustration should be  submitted as tiff, of minimum resolution of 300 dpi. The number of figures should be about 10, depending of course upon the specific needs of the subject. If there is more illustration necessary please do contact the editor.

The captions and credits are to be provided by the author.


For bibliography, abreviations and citation the used system should be the author-year system, as recommended by the German Archaeological Institute and available online at http://www.dainst.org/en/publication-guidelines?ft=all.

All used works have to be cited within the notes as author and year and extended in the final list of bibliography.


All submissions not corresponding to these minimal requirements are going to be returned to the authors for revision.